“Nature, Finance and the Macroeconomy: Risks, Impacts and Feedback effects”

The Asia School of Business, Bank Negara Malaysia, CEP, sustainable macro and INSPIRE invite you to this conference, taking place in person in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 19-20 October 2023. The conference addresses challenges posed by nature loss, including deforestation and land-use change, and the related environmental risks and impacts for the macroeconomy and finance. It aims to also discuss implications for monetary policy, financial supervision and climate policy.


Please click on this link to register for the conference as an on-site or online attendee.

A full agenda will be made available below in early September, when the final list of presenters will be published. A PDF version of the invitation is available for download here. Please share it with your networks!

NGFS-GRASFI-INSPIRE Exchange – The scientific dimensions of biodiversity and its loss

Pablo Pacheco (WWF) will provide a scientific presentation on biodiversity, biodiversity loss and planetary boundaries, among others topics that will provide the necessary background for central bankers and supervisors willing to engage on environmental risks. This will be the second webinar of the current series on “environmental risks beyond climate change”.

NGFS-GRASFI-INSPIRE Exchange – Central banking and supervision in the biosphere

Co-chairs of the Joint NGFS-INSPIRE Study Group on Biodiversity and Financial Stability, Nick Robins (LSE & INSPIRE) and Dr Ma Jun (PBC & NGFS) will present the Study Group’s final report “Central Banking and Supervision in the Biosphere” and share their perspectives on nature’s role in supporting financial stability.


The NGFS-GRASFI-INSPIRE Exchange is designed to strengthen the connection, collaboration and research exchange between the central bankers, financial supervisors and the academic community to share and explore new and innovative research that advances the agenda on greening the financial system. New editions occur monthly and are co-organised by the NGFS Secretariat, INSPIRE and GRASFI (the NGFS’ two designated global research stakeholders). This session is the 1st in a 7-part series exploring dimensions of Environmental Risks, such as biodiversity loss and environmental degradation, and reflects the NGFS’s ambition to broaden its scope beyond climate-related risks. This 16th edition of the Exchange is hosted by the NGFS..