Commissioned Projects

To advance the NGFS’s agenda on greening the financial system and inspire ambition from the wider community of central banks and financial supervisors, INSPIRE commissions best-in-class, independent global scholarship and analysis through open calls for research proposals.

Our commissioned research is organised into six broad themes that complement the major themes and priorities for greening the financial system identified by the NGFS, namely: micro prudential supervision; macrofinancial and macroprudential supervision; risk differentials and taxonomies; monetary policy, sovereign risk, and policy effectiveness and impact.

35 commissioned projects

6 calls for proposals

INSPIRE Programmes

Certain aspects of climate change and environmental degradation that require urgent action by financial institutions are especially complex and require a coordinated, inter-disciplinary, and multi-stakeholder approach.

Building upon our six thematic priorities, we address these challenges through focused commissioning and funding to advance strategic workstreams that bring together researchers and central bank partners from across the globe to work collaboratively to tackle specific issues.

Developing climate scenarios for the financial system

Integrating the deep uncertainty, complex non-linearity and endogeneity of climate change and environmental processes into financial scenarios.

Central banking and financial supervision in the biosphere

Developing a research-based approach to how central banks and supervisory authorities can fulfil their mandates in the context of biodiversity loss.

Toolbox for Sustainable Central Banking

Designing sustainable crisis response measures and long-term sustainable central banking and supervisory practice.