Toolbox for Sustainable Central Banking

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, central banks and financial supervisors played a crucial role in shaping the response to the crisis. As economies continue to move from crisis response into recovery and the subsequent post-COVID era, INSPIRE is investigating how financial institutions’ sustainable crisis response measures can be designed to deliver long-term sustainable practice.

The Policy Briefing Paper Series

The INSPIRE Sustainable Central Banking Policy Brief Series is meant to support central bankers and financial supervisors in calibrating monetary, prudential and other instruments in accordance with sustainability goals, as they address the ramifications of climate change and other environmental challenges. All papers in this series have been written and peer-reviewed by leading experts from academia, think tanks and central banks and are based on cutting-edge research, drawing from best practice in central banking and supervision.



The Crisis Response Toolbox

At the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, INSPIRE developed a Toolbox of Sustainable Crisis Response Measures to support central banks and financial supervisors in designing crisis responses that are aligned with climate- and sustainability goals. The first Toolbox report was launched in June 2020. A second edition was published in December 2020. As economies have moved from crisis response into recovery, INSPIRE-supported research has investigated how monetary and financial policy tools can be calibrated in ways that account for climate- and sustainability-related goals and avoid the build-up of associated risks in the financial system.



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